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Adira is a leading manufacturer of sheet metal working machinery, specialized in the production of Hydraulic, Electric and hybrid Press Brakes, Shears and Laser Cutting Machines for steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, etc. We also provide robot bending cells, feeding and extracting systems. Today, celebrating more than 60 years of existence, Adira enters the AM market with completely new and disruptive products, following the digital Industry 4.0 revolution, specifically the Additive Manufacturing for Large Parts..

ADIRA has been designing, developing, manufacturing and installing state-of-the-art machine tools for over 60 years.

• Permanent investment in scientific research and technological development to supply at all times the best solutions to our custmers.

• Cooperation with Universities and renowned Research Labs.

• Quality, precision and reliability of our solutions.

• Maximum performance of our products.

• Readiness and effectiveness of the after-sales service.

• Exporting to more than 40 countries worldwide.

• More than 80% turnover is outside our homeland.

• The biggest market share in our homeland.

• Production is split in 2 production plants with 15,000 sqm.

Permanent Innovation:

The committment of ADIRA to innovation and continuous improvement is a permanent challenge of all its departments, products and activities.

Our Engineering Department is closely linked to Universities and Development Institutes (University of Porto, MIT, INEGI, INESC) in a network of knowledge transfer, taking advantage of the most advanced developments.

Also Safety, Ergonomy, Efficiency, Design are permanently on our requirements list for all our machines.

For all those reasons we are proud to have a new subtitle in our logo: "Innovation Works".


Adira’s History (since 1956 - 63 years and counting)

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  • In 1956, ADIRA was founded in 1956 by António Dias Ramos, in Porto in the house seen in this picture, and operated from there for long years. The company started its activities in a small shop of about 400 sqm and only 5 workers. It started producing small lathes, milling and planing machine

  • In the 1960’s, ADIRA evolved towards the manufacture of sheet metal forming machines with the following milestones:

    • First mechanical shear manufactured in Portugal (1961). First hydraulic press brake manufactured in Portugal(1964).

    • Creation of the Engineering office (1966).

    • Start of exports (1967).

    • First fully hydraulic downstroke press brake (1969).

  • In the 1970’s, development and technological improvement of the machinery under the point of view of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic equipment.

    • Start of the partnership with the Engineering Faculty of the Porto University.

    • Launch of the first digital control made in Portugal.

    • Development of the first hydraulic press brake with electronic synchronism and digital control.

    • Start of exports to Japan.

  • In the 1980’s, The era of digitization and exports on a large scale.

    • Development of the first graphical controls in 2D and 3D.

    • Start of exports to US, Australia and Middle East.

    • Certification of safety of the machines exported to Sweden and France.

    • First steps in automation: frontal feeders, systems for handling and storage of sheet plates.

  • In the 1990’s, Computer Aided Design and CE safety certification.

    • Investment project in modernization and innovation: high-tech equipment, renewal of layouts, new internal organization.

    • Introduction of new IT technologies: CAD, CAM, Intranet.

    • First european manufacturer to obtain ISO 9000 certification and the first in world to have its entire range of products with the CE certification.

    • Press brakes with automatic compensation of deflection.

    • Shears with anti-twisting system.

  • In the 2000’s, In the new millennium ADIRA launches in the market the brand-new Laser cutting machines, robots and automated systems and thereby consolidates the international presence.

    • Introduction of the CCL laser cutting machines. 

    • Use of linear motors and Laser resonators of DC SLAB-type.

    • Expansion of robotic bending cells.

    • Integration of automatic storage systems for sheet plates.

    • Opening of the first foreign subsidiaries: ADIRA France and ADIRA UK.

  • Now, in the 2010’s, ADIRA enters the new decade continuing its firm commitment to innovation.

    • Debut of its new family of laser cutting machines:

      • LE, with efficiency in mind;

      • LP, top of the line;

      • LF laser, representative of the new generation of laser cutting machines.

    • Debut of the GreenBender, a revolutionary hybrid press brake, already recognized internationally.

ADIRA is also adapting to the new realities of the global market, strongly expanding its activities in the emerging markets, while strengthening its presence in its traditional markets.