Bend Master 25

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Bending capacity (for steel R=400 N/mm2):
    1x0.07 in

Maximum bend radius on CW bends:
   6 in

Maximum bend radius on CW-CCW bends:
   2.7 in

Maximum head vertical travel: 
   10.6 in

Precision of electric axis:
   ± 0,05

Carriage speed:
   5.5 ft/s

Bend arm rotation speed:

Tube rotation speed:

Max tube length on front stop:
10 ft

Max tube length on rear stop:
14.6 ft

   20 x 5.4 x 6.2 ft

Height working plane
   3.8 ft

   5,270 lbs

PEDRAZZOLI BEND MASTER tube benders are designed to meet the most stringent requirements of reliability, flexibility and speed of execution. They feature the in-house developed IMS control, "Pentium" computers, touch screens and software versions which allow insertion of any customizations the customer may require. 

Because we have such a wide range of automatic tube benders there is sure to be a model that perfectly suits your needs; the high number of accessories allows very versatile use when making the most diverse components. The automatic loading and unloading systems make BEND MASTER a real independent workstation and the immediate configuration of input/output cards ensures that machines can be interlocked into dedicated work cells in connection with operating units or robots.

Simple use, rapid change of the tools and automatic machine adjustments guarantee precision and repeatability of bent components. BEND MASTER tube benders also offer reduced cycle times both in serial production and in small batch production programs.

8 controlled axis: constant repeatability and precision in time.

Clockwise and counter-clockwise bending, with variable and multi-radius in same work cycle.

> IMS machine control, latest generation 

High productivity and versatility.

Energy saving.

  • Modern design with utmost attention to detail.
  • Compact sized bending head.
  • Machine body completely covered by guarding.
  • Automatic adjustment of tools and rapid set up.
  • Modulation of thrust for very tight radius bends.
  • Machine is supplied in clockwise-counterclockwise multiradius bending version.

+ IGES file import
+ Immediate analysis of part feasibility
+ Material elastic spring-back compensation
+ Teleservice via web-cam
+ Handy Machine Operator Panel device to manage all machine axis inside safety area
+ Automation of process with loading and unloading options
+ IMS platform available for PC, tablet and smart-phone