Tauring and SAF - CNC-i Control

CNCi-Plus Control

CNCi-Plus is our benchmark control, with greater performances and more technologically advanced in comparison with the previous CNC-i. This control is our diamond point in technology and we can state it is the best in the bending world.
Since the user don't need to do many trials to create the Roman and Mediterranean arches that generate a window frame, this control avoid the wasting of time and expensive material. Our new program Wintau CAD-CAM (5.0 version) let the user draw the shape he needs to get and to connect the profiles with junction that are automatically calculated, without any intervention from the user. In this way each window frame is an aesthetic success and a technological art work.

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+ Roll Benders that Use this Control

+ Note-Worthy Features

  • Driven Rolls - 3
  • Hydraulic Roll Adjustment
  • Shaft Diameter - 490mm