Intelligent Motion System



Internally developed by our researchers.

> Easy-to-learn, Intuitive Touch-screen visual programming.

> 3D drawing direct import for creation of machine cycle.

> Multiplatform: available for Windows® & Linux® OS.

> A single solution to manage bending and end-forming processes = a single initial training session means operator can easily run any Pedrazzoli machine.
> Creation of detailed reports for product cost calculation: IMS can show energy used in production and instant energy expenditure.
> IGES file import.

> Immediate part feasibility analysis. 
The simulation of actual machine cycle highlights possible collisions and optimizes execution times.

> Teleservice by means of webcam.
Complete access to machine and NC by means of internet connection. The webcam + VOIP connection allows an effective remote intervention worldwide with considerable reduction of intervention times and rapid update of machine’s effectiveness and functionality.

> Handy Machine Operator Panel (*).
To allow management of all machine axis inside the safety area: particularly useful for initial set up, optimization of tool testing and programming of special machine sequences.

(*) option only available on FANUC package machines.

> IMS OFFICE SW package: 
offline programming of work cycle and sharing of programs between machines

Network connection of one or more Pedrazzoli machines, sharing of database and creation of a single central archive

> IMS platform available on PC, Tablet & Smartphone


And in collaboration with FANUC...

> Maximum reliability of drives-motors-NC package.
> Worldwide service guaranteed in 24h.
> Complete system diagnostics.
> Overall reduction of connections.
> Energy saving: energy recovery system under braking and its return to line with an over 50% reduction of power used.

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