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Cutting capacity
round tubes MIN 0.50 in - MAX 4.8 in
square tubes MIN 0.50 in - MAX 3.7 in.
rectangular tubes MIN 0.6 x 0.4 - MAX 4.3 x 2.8 in

Cutting blade diameter
MIN 5.5 - MAX 14.5 in

Minimum blade diameter
5.5 in

Maximum blade diameter
14.5 in

Maximum loader capacity
4 tons

Rotation speed of a slow cutting head blade
35 Γ· 300RPM

8.2 x 37 x 6 ft

Height working plane
3.4 ft

9,281 lbs

Pedrazzoli's cutting lines are the solution to high-productivity automatic cutting. Pedrazzoli has implemented technological innovation for excellent performance and maximum speed when cutting, adjusting, tool changing, programming, deburring, and packaging.

> 7 controlled axes: constant repeatability and precision over time

> Fully automatic production changeover: set-up times reduced to zero 

> Up to 3 different cutting lengths and 3 different unloading positions

> High productivity

> The wide range of configurations and accessories available makes it customisable to all requirements and needs

  •  Helical gear cutting head and double clamping cylinder: it ensures long-lasting blades, as well as precision and perpendicularity
  •  Electrical motor-driven blade feed and rotation ensure great cutting in all its stages (entry, intermediate, exit): excellent results in terms of time, cutting quality, and blade life
  • Motor-driven length stopper for automatic positioning
  • The peculiar layout of rollers and jaws is designed to perfectly clamp tubes
  • High performance when cutting both tubes with high resistance and tubes with delicate surface and reduced wall thickness
  • It may also integrate automatic deburring, washing, and collecting units
  • Technological database with cutting parameters for the operator