Tauring and SAF - PQ10 Control

Tauring and SAF - PQ10 Control

The PQ10 is an innovative multi-axis positioner that allows you to move , completely independently , the moving parts of the bending machine on which it is applied.

The operator interface is integrated in a panel of appropriate size, which contains in a single instrument all that is needed to fully manage the bending , avoiding confusing and misleading information from a multitude of devices throughout the machine .

The PQ10 is the last born in Tauring electronic interface , specifically to meet the management needs of bending over 3 independent axes . It is specifically structured to ensure maximum ergonomics and safety of use by the operator .

A self-diagnostic program enables the system to identify graphical anomalies .

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+ Roll Benders that Use this Control

+ Note-Worthy Features

  • Driven Rolls - 3
  • Hydraulic Roll Adjustment
  • Shaft Diameter - 490mm