BM300 Mackma Non-Mandrel Tube & Pipe Rotary Bender (10.75" O.D. x 0.71" Round Tube Capacity)


BM300 Mackma Non-Mandrel Tube & Pipe Rotary Bender (10.75" O.D. x 0.71" Round Tube Capacity)


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The BM300 is a part of the MACKMA BM Series Non-Mandrel Rotary Benders - this series of Non-Mandrel Rotary Benders are THE ONLY Non-Mandrel Pipe Bending Machine Series capable of bending tubes and pipes to the left or right, by means of a reversible die holder, thanks to their innovative design, which is patented by the Italian manufacturer, MACKMA. With the BM300, you have the ability of bending up to 10.75” O.D. Round Tube (273mm O.D.) and 0.71” / 18.26mm in wall thickness. The BM300 MACKMA Non-Mandrel Rotary Bender can bend parts as low as 3 times the O.D. (Outter Diameter) and a maximum bending CLR (Center Line Radius) of 67” / 1,700mm. All of the features bundled into these machines ensures for high-repeatability, efficiency and accuracy for even the most demanding of markets.

(Optional Tooling Available for Round Tube, Pipe, Square Tube, etc.)
(Shown with Optional Tooling.)

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Maximum Bending Capacities:

  • Max Round Tube Outer Diameter: 12.75” O.D. (323.9mm)

  • Diameter using FE – 42 daN/mq: 10.75” x 0.71” (273 × 18.26mm)

  • Diameter using FE – 35 daN/mq: 12.75” x 0.68” (323.9 × 17.47mm)

  • Diameter using AISI 304/316 – 65 kg/mq: 10.75” x 0.50” (273 × 12.7mm)

Main Technical Data for the BM300:

  • Max Torque: 500,000 N/m

  • Maximum Radius: 67” (1,700mm)

  • Max Curvature Angle: 180°

  • Maximum Rotation Speed: 0.4 RPM

  • Bending Direction: Left-Hand and Right-Hand Directions

  • Voltages Available: 220 Volt / 3 Phase / 60Hz or 480 Volt / 3 Phase / 60Hz

  • Max Installed Power: 50 kW

  • Weight: 14,400 lbs. (6,500 kg.)

  • Dimensions (WxHxL): 67” x 71” x 138” (1,700 x 1,800 x 3,500mm)

  • Operating Temperature: 32–122°F (0–50°C)

  • Warranty on Defective Parts: 2 Years

Suitable for the Following Industries:

  • Technical and Industrial Items

  • Furniture

  • Automotive

  • Motorcycle and Boat

  • Sports and Wellness Items

  • And Many, Many More!!

The modular design of the bending shaft assembly also allows the use of most competitors tooling, reducing long term tooling costs. The inverter-controlled motor reduces energy consumption to a minimum. The machine is mounted on precision casters for effortless movement around busy workshops and sites Mackma uses only 100% high quality Italian components to ensure long-term reliability. Testament to the high quality of their machines is Mackma’s Standard 2-Year Warranty.

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