BM300 Mackma Non-Mandrel Tube & Pipe Bender


BM300 Mackma Non-Mandrel Tube & Pipe Bender


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The BM300 Bending Machine is THE ONLY non mandrel pipe bending machine able to bend tubes and pipes to the left or right, by means of a reversible die holder, designed and patented by us.
The innovative design allows the bending of pipes up to 273 mm in diameter and 18.26 mm in wall thickness. With a maximum of 1700 mm centre line radius it is capable of maximum performance for this size of machine, even in the most demanding markets.
The bend rotation speed [max 0,4 RPM] is monitored by a dedicated inverter, to ensure the correct bending speed according to the diameter and thickness of the tube.

Shown with optional tooling.

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New Generation

The modular design of the bending shaft assembly also allows the use of most competitors tooling, reducing long term tooling costs.
The inverter-controlled motor reduces energy consumption to a minimum.
The machine is mounted on precision casters for effortless movement around busy workshops and sites Mackma uses only 100% high quality Italian components to ensure long-term reliability. Testament to the high quality of their machines is Mackma’s standard 2 year warranty.

Suitable for the following sectors:

  • Technical and Industrial Items

  • Furniture

  • Automotive

  • Motorcycle and Boat

  • Sports and Wellness Items

  • And Many, Many More!!

Main Technical Data for the BM300

  • Pipe Max Outer Diameter: 323.9mm

  • Max Torque: 500,000N/m

  • Diameter using FE – 42 daN/mq: 273x18.26mm

  • Diameter using FE – 35 daN/mq: 323.9×17.47mm

  • Diameter using AISI 304/316 – 65 kg/mq: 273x12.7mm

  • Maximum Radius: 1700mm

  • Max Curvature Angle: 180°

  • Maximum Rotation Speed: 0.4 R.P.M.

  • Bending Direction: Rightwardand / Leftward

  • Electric Tension: 220V / 3PH or 480V / 3PH

  • Max Installed Power: 50KW

  • Weight: 6500Kg

  • Dimensions: (WxhxL) 1700x1800x3500mm

  • Operating Temperature: 0 – 50° C