MC200H: NARGESA Section and Pipe Bending Machine


MC200H: NARGESA Section and Pipe Bending Machine

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$8,695 (220V / 3 Phase or 480V / 3 Phase)
$9,795 (220V / 1 Phase)
$9,995 (115V / 1 Phase)

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Section and pipe bending machine MC200H QUANTUM NARGESA. made of welded and mechanized steel sheet. Unlike the others, this one is not made of cast iron. Ideal for making flanges, greenhouses, balausters, tables, chairs, doors, windows... making a great number of circular shape in all kinds of profiles. Its robustness, axis diameter, reducer capacity and other features, make it one of the best bending machines in the market, within the category of two traction rollers. All products Nargesa are according to the European directives and regulations CE regarding manufacturing of industrial machinery.

All Nargesa products are manufactured in our facilities in Spain. Hydraulic and electrical components are completely standard and from the the best leading European trademarks which have technical support all around the world: Rexroth, Bosch, Roquet, Schneider Electric, LG, Telemecanique, Pizzato etc...

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The MC200H Features and Specifications:

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  • Two drive rollers. The two lower rollers are motorized and knurled for better grip.
  • Secure transmission by using flat hardened pinions.
  • Diameter of axes: 1.5".
  • Useful axes length: 2.9".
  • Center distance between lower axes: 11.25".
  • Maximum capacity for bending round pipe: 3 inches or 76.2 mm.
  • Bending regulation by the upper shaft, which allows to curve tube and profile dimensions and profiles of large diameter without deformation.
  • We supply the section bending machine MC200H with 9 rollers and standard washers, that can be combined and make all kinds of profiles. (Square pipe, rectangular, square bar, round and rectangular bars, U profile, T profile, angle, flat bar, edged bar ...) It is only for special round pipes when we need special rollers.
  • Millimeter scale for bending in the upper shaft.
  • Two working positions, horizontal and vertical in the same workbench.
  • Correction rollers on the sides to control the bending deformation when making spirals and spiral staircases.
  • Base cupboard for rollers and accessories.
  • Motor Power: 1,1 KW / 1,5 HP
  • Voltage supply: 3 phased 230/400 V (For other voltages, contact the manufacturer)
  • Rollers speed: 8 RPM
  • Lower bench palletized to easily transport the machine to the workplace or store it in case of lacking space.
  • The machine is shipped fully assembled, you only need to connect it to the power supply.
  • Palet made of steel and 3 layer cardboard box suitable for seafreight.
  • Optional: Fumigated wooden box NIMF15

 MC200H Machine Specs:


Standard Tooling Configuration:

 The machine is provided with 9 steel rollers that can be combined to permit bending any kind of profile, square tube, rectangular, square, round and rectangular solid, profile U, profile T, angle, flat bar, bending it flatly or on the edge.



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