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Maximum end-form diameter
   1.3 in

Maximum end-form length
   6.6 in

N. seats for motorized tools

End forming speed
   7.8 in/sec

Positioning precision
   0.05 mm/sec 

Work unit thrust speed
   kN 0-80

Clamp holding force
   kN 120

Length of jaws
   3.9 in

Maximum jaw opening
   1.9 in


Pedrazzoli has several decades of experience in working tube ends. The first swaging machine model JARISTON BROWN was introduced in 1948 and the STERN BROWN end forming machines followed shortly afterwards. Today’s current models feature sophisticated controls, but they are always easy to use, and they are equipped with Pentium processor computers, touch screens, state-of-the-art controlled axes and multiple work stations, both translating and rotating. All types of end forming may be made in the sophisticated multi-station models, be it beading, flaring, reduction, shaping, threading, boring or chamfering.

> 3 completely electric controlled axis, with digital absolute brushless motors.

15 work stations, all of which can be motorised.

> Wide-range of endforming possible.

> Latest generation IMS machine control: flexible, intuitive, user-friendly.

> Energy saving

  • In a single work cycle: diameter flaring or reduction, end-forming, rolling, beading, facing, chamfering, closing and threading.
  • Tool holders on circular drum revolving under work area
  • All tool stations can fit rotating tools or modules
  • Minimum floorspace
  • Maximum tool change speed
  • Automatic work cycle optimisation with execution times reduced to a minimum
  • Webcam assisted teleservice
  • Automation of process with loading and unloading
  • IMS platform available for PC, tablet and smartphone