Tauring - Alpha 300 Roll Bender


The Alpha 300 is more versatile than most. Being applicable in fields such as shipping, carpentry, toys, leisure, earth movement, roads, and even railways, There is nearly nothing that this advanced machine cannot handle. Being the creation of a new construction philosophy by Tauring, this machine is more precise, better structured, reducing waste as well as cost. and more advanced. 

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+ Alpha300 Models

  • Alpha300 PQ10 - The PQ10 is an innovative multi-axis positioneur able to manage, in a completely indipendent way, the movable bending machine elements. The operator interface is placed on a panel containing everything necessary to manage in a complete way the bending machine, avoiding the confusion created by many tools placed elsewhere on the machine. The PQ10 is the last electronic interface borned in Tauring to satisfy the needs of the bending machines with more than 3 independent axis management. It has been studied to grant the maximum ergonomy and security.
  • Alpha300 CNC-i - “CNC” stands for “computerized, numerical control”, “i” for “interpolation” and “PLUS” for “plus value”. It is the evolution of an already astonishing product that today is even more amazing. The CNCi is an advanced numerical control Windows based able to manage two or more interpolated axes with unsurpassed progression and accuracy. The 15” touch screen can activate macro-instructions and commands by simply touching the icons presented on the screen. One of CNCi strenght points is represented by its simple and intuitive software, that allows programming any types of geometrical shape - regular and irregular - by simply drawing it on the screen or importing it from a ”dxf” file. The shape can then be modified by simply acting on its segments so to make them longer or shorter or clicking on the arrow to enlarge or reduce the bending curves; all tasks are recognized by the “bending program” that is being updated in real-time.

+ Alpha300 Capacities

  • Round Tube - Size: 10.75" x 0.5" / Min. Radius: 87"
  • Square Tube - Size: 10" x 10" x .40" / Min. Radius: 80"
  • Flat Bar (Hard Way) - Size: 10" x 2.3 / Min. Radius: 32"
  • Angle (Leg Out) - Size: 7.8" x 7.8" x 0.78" / Min. Radius: 78"
  • H Beam - Size: IPE 330 / Min. Radius: 75"


+ Alpha300 Specifications

  • Driven Rolls - 3
  • Hydraulic Roll Adjustment
  • Shaft Diameter - 490mm
  • Standard Shaft Working Length - 15.75"
  • Universal Tool Set - 1 Set
  • Motor - 24.1 HP
  • Shaft Revolutions Per Minute - 7.1 R.P.M.
  • Machine Dimensions - 41"W x 61"L x 74"H
  • Machine Weight - 22,046 lbs.
  • Voltage - 230 Volt/3 Phase/60Hz and 480 Volt/3 Phase/60Hz available