Tauring - Alpha 60 CNC-i


The new ALPHA 60 is the only bending machine in the world able to realize in a single solution, without the need of recovery, a plurality of coils from the most varied forms, particularly reduced-ray, with the backflexing of the tangs power. The complete electrical movement with brushless motors guarantee precision, repeatability and speed of execution surprising and unthinkable,
ensure that processing of the highest quality with significant results of high productivity. It 'a bending series dual independent adjustment of lower rolls on straight guides converging. This particular geometry has been studied to minimize the ovality of the pipe curvature. Aces Pullers are governed by individual and dedicated engines and, like all other machine axes in the machine, are run fully automatically renewed by computer with software Wintau that allows the realization of any type of coil in quickly and accurately with the Full management of all reference data (diameter, distance, number coils, felling, counterbends).