Meet your Sales Engineer: Tony Solano

How or why did you get into this industry? 

"I have been around the metal fabrication industry since I was about 4 or 5 years old. My hard-working father always brought me around his shop, which is where I developed my fascination for the metal working industry."

Why did you choose to work at Quantum Machinery?

"I have a sincere passion for serving others and have a strong view on bringing value to others as well. Here at Quantum Machinery, I know that the owners share my same core values, which made Quantum Machinery a perfect fit for me. They truly only want to offer the best, quality equipment available, and if it's not the best, they'd rather not even sell it! In other words, they are in it with our clients for the long haul - developing relationships with customers, as opposed to a quick sell, which I really admire and have taken to heart!"

Which machine types do you specialize in?

"Myself, as well as all of the other Sales Engineers here are factory trained, and are pretty well-versed on the machinery that we carry. If I had to single out a few of the machinery types that I "specialize in", I would say: Plate Rolls, Roll Benders, Cold Saws, Band Saws and Press Brakes."

A little deeper about who Tony is... 

"I'm a straight up Jesus Freak, God-honoring, blissful Husband and Father. I truly love to serve others and bring joy into their lives. I spend countless hours of the week here at Quantum Machinery, but when I'm not at work, I'm leading worship at my church. Second to God, I adore my wife and my little children, trying every day to never take for granted any moments spent."


"I'm a musician secondly to being a Sales Application Engineer, deeply involved in playing for my church, Harvest (Pastor Greg Laurie's Church); other than that, I also like to lift weights, so I generally try to hit the gym every day."

A Couple Testimonials from Tony's Customers:

“Last year we purchased the BM25 Broaching Machine from Quantum Machinery. With the BM25, we are now able to broach more accurately, more securely and more quickly. Ultimately that greatly impacts our operations – all the while putting at the forefront the safety of our employees. Our Sales Engineer, Tony Solano, was able to help us evaluate what we were looking for in a machine and help us get the unit that best met our needs. I would not hesitate to purchase another Quantum machine.”- Bill Chadwick (Maintenance Manager of Madison Environmental Resources, Inc.)

"One year ago, I purchased a band saw from Quantum Machinery Group. I am very pleased with the Italian bandsaw which has a large cutting capacity, is simple to use, swivels up to 60 degrees for mitering cuts, and has an excellent clamping system, and is overall extremely well designed, and safe to operate with two different speeds. For me, the most important feature is the ability to swivel to 60 degrees and still cut precisely. Tony Solano, my Sales Application Engineer, explained clearly the choices available from Quantum and helped me understand the various features on different machines and also the electrical requirements for set-up. Our machine was delivered in perfect condition in a short timeframe. Overall; Quantum exceeded my expectations. I am very pleased. We immediately used the machine to produce a tubular stainless steel support structure for a tensioned fabric structure for the Kimpton Hotel in G Cayman. I look forward to adding future equipment from Quantum Machinery in the future." - Charles Duvall (President of Duvall Design, Inc.)