Why Invest in a Welding Table?

For metal fabricators and machine shop owners, a welding table is a vital investment in order to complete welding jobs in-house. Welding requires a variety of methods, and some processes can be extremely complex to complete. Depending upon your shop’s needs, it is often more advantageous to invest in a single high-quality superior table that can be used for multiple welding jobs, rather than multiple tables of a variety of sizes, designs, and quality.

Welding Table

Welding Table

Choosing the most appropriate table for your business should focus on what types of welding jobs you perform frequently. It can be tempting to consider multiple tables for each of these jobs, but there are custom-designed tables available that will support a wide array of jobs and only require a single investment. As such, this allows you to make wise, effective, and efficient decisions to maximize your return on your investment.

Here at Quantum Machinery Group, we are pleased to offer the Siegmund line of professional welding tables. These tables have been put through extreme tests to ensure they meet the highest quality standards to provide years of service for your fabrication or machine shop business. Siegmund developed a brand new design with numerous features, including:

  • Increased Load Capacity
  • More Stability
  • Better Flexibility
  • Rounded Bore Holes
  • Tool Steel Plasma Nitrided

To demonstrate the durability of their superior welding tables, Siegmund developed some rather extreme test conditions.

CNC Bending Machine

CNC Bending Machine

Test 1

The first test was to drop a compact car from an elevated height directly onto the table. While the car’s roof collapsed and the windows shattered, the table did not receive any damage, as it is also scratch-proof.

Test 2

For the second test, a Vickers hardness test was performed, where two front-end loaders dumped rocks and gravel onto the table, completely burying it underneath the rubble. The table was then lifted out and inspected for damage. Again, the table received no damage, thanks to its 700 Vickers protection rating.

Test 3

The third durability test was how the table held up when exposed to moisture. To illustrate the rust-proof feature, a hammer was placed on top of the table throughout the duration of the test. While the hammer developed rust, the table did not. Furthermore, rust stains from the hammer did not absorb into the tabletop and were easily wiped away with a cloth.

Test 4

To test just how durable the table was, three sticks of dynamite were secured underneath the table and detonated. After this, dust and residue left from the explosion were wiped away using a cloth.

In conclusion, if you are looking for the world’s hardest welding table, then a Siegmund table from Quantum Machinery Group is a great investment for your fabrication business or machine shop. In addition to Siegmund products, we feature a wide array of equipment and machines, including:

  • 2, 3, and 4 Roll and Variable Geometry Plate Benders
  • Basic to Full-Blown CNC Roll Benders
  • Basic, Semi-Automatic, and Fully-Automatic Cold Saws
  • Hydraulic, Hybrid, and All-Electric Press Brakes
  • CO2 and Fiber Lasers
  • Basic, Semi-Automatic, and Fully-Automatic Band Saws
  • Basic, Entry Level to Full-Blown Mandrel and CNC Mandrel Rotary Benders
  • Heavy-Duty and Versatile Shears

For more information about our metal fabrication machinery, which is stocked here in the United States, call Quantum Machinery Group at (909) 476-8007 to speak with a representative today!