Ferrous Cold Saws vs. Non-Ferrous Cold Saws


In the world of metal fabrication, one of the most convenient pieces of equipment is a cold saw—a circular saw that doesn’t create any heat, sparks, or dust. When sheet metal needs to be cut quickly and at a high rate of production, cold saws are especially valuable for their safety and ease of handling.

Cold saws can be made from a variety of metals, some ferrous and some non-ferrous. In this post, we’ll explore the differences between the two types of blades and what kinds of materials are best used with each type.

What’s the Difference?

Non ferrous cold saws

The terms “ferrous” and “non-ferrous” refer to the iron content in the saw blade. A ferrous saw is one that contains iron, while a non-ferrous saw does not contain iron.

Commonly-used ferrous materials include metals like carbon steel, alloy steel, and (of course) cast or wrought iron. Because of the iron content, ferrous metals are generally vulnerable to rust, with the exception of wrought iron and stainless steel.

Common non-ferrous metals include aluminum, lead, zinc, tin, gold, silver, and copper. Because there is no iron in non-ferrous metals, they are particularly resistant to rust and often used for outdoor objects like signs, gutters, roofing, etc. They are also non-magnetic as a result of their lack of iron, which makes them valuable for various electrical/electronic uses.

Ferrous vs. Non-Ferrous Cold Saws: Uses and Benefits


Ferrous cold saws

When it comes to the use of the cold saw, the primary difference between the two blade types is the kinds of metal it can cut. Ferrous cold saws are capable of cutting both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, while non-ferrous saws can only cut non-ferrous metals. Because non-ferrous metal is softer than ferrous metal, non-ferrous blades are typically used for soft metal applications like cutting aluminum.

The benefit of both types of cold saws, of course, is that the cutting can be done without transferring heat energy into the metal, allowing for safer, easier handling. Plus, cold saws don’t create dangerous sparks or a metal burr. Cold saws also create less discoloration on the metal itself. If the saw uses a flood coolant system to cool and lubricate the blade teeth, it may even prevent discoloration entirely.

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