Signs You Need to Sharpen Your Blade

Band saw blades don’t stay sharp forever. After a while, the sharpness dulls, and the table band saw or other equipment you use no longer works as well as it once did. The best way to ward off poor performance or injuries is to keep your tools sharpened. In this short guide, we’ll teach you how to recognize the signs of a dull band saw blade so you can fix issues before they become a problem.


Sharpen Your Blade

Material Gets Chipped

Is your material chipping when you use your blade? That’s a sign that your blade may be dull. Pieces chip off and become jagged, leaving an uneven cut and unsightly marks behind. When this happens, you need to be sure your blade is on track and get it sharpened immediately. Letting it continue to make chips will only wear out the blade completely, forcing you to purchase a replacement. Worse yet, you could even be struck or cut by a piece of material.

Excessively Loud Saw Noises

A saw with a sharpened and working blade handles its job much more quietly. Louder machine noises translate into evidence that your machine requires more work to handle the cuts. The amperage increases, and the loud buzz of the machine catches your ear. Listen to your machine to determine if it’s working right or in need of a tune-up.

The Blade Has Rounded Edges or Chipped Teeth

Saw blades have sharp edges without any chips. Each of the teeth is uniform in shape. When your blade looks like this, you know it is in good working order. As soon as you notice one tooth with a rounded edge or a chip, you know the blade is becoming dull and unusable. Check your saw blade over carefully each time you use it. Examine the teeth closely to determine if it is in proper working condition or if you need to sharpen it instead.

Burn Marks Appear on the Material

When the blade has to work overtime to make its cuts, it can overheat and burn the material. Burn marks that appear on your material indicate a dull blade that needs to get re-centered and re-sharpened. Never continue with your cuts if you notice these marks. It is important that you stop what you are doing immediately and make the necessary changes so no further damage is done.

Before you sharpen any blade, be sure to clean it first. Getting rid of the dust and grime could help make your steel saw sharper than ever. Look for these signs before each use, and after you clean, to see if the blade needs any maintenance. Need assistance with a machine or blade? Contact Quantum Machinery Group today for a one-on-one consultation.


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