Tips for Choosing Welding Tables

Getting the right welding table is a significant component of having a successful shop. You don’t want a table that is difficult to use and understand, nor do you want one that’s filled with poor materials of subpar quality. Quantum Machinery Group offers welding tables that are far above the competition in durability, quality, reliability, and ease of use. Choose from options like steel saw blades, circular saws, table band saws and more to ensure that you have a table that lets you work smarter, not harder.


Choosing Welding Tables

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a handy guide that will help you identify your needs and find the best solution for your shop. It’s that easy!

Why Not Build One Yourself?

Some welders think they can just build a table for themselves. While this isn’t technically impossible, and experienced welders may very well be able to accomplish the task, many others do not have the time or right state of mind to get the job done.

So much work goes into creating a sturdy welding table. You’ll need to consider high load capacity, level surface, and high resistance against stroke impact. Self-builders spend a considerable amount of time working to get the table right, and that time investment can end up being sub-par when compared with purchasing a new table outright.

Why Not Go with a Different Manufacturer?

Plenty of manufacturers are available to make welding tables, so why not go with one of them? Quantum Machinery focuses on the customer. We want to provide high-quality, professional welding tables to you so you can have premium steel options for a high workload. Other manufacturers focus on creating colorful tables that catch people’s eyes. These are fun to look at, but they may not hold as much weight or be as level as they need to be.

The Quantum Machinery Group’s Welding Table Options

All of our tables are made of premium steel. They are plasma-nitrided and coated for maximum durability and longevity. This results in a wear-free, corrosion-resistant surface that resists stroke impact or damage. We also offer a diagonal grid with bored holes for further flexibility or additional clamping options—something many other tables just don’t have. You can choose a 16mm welding table or 28mm welding table, depending on your size requirements.

Need enhanced options? Table kits may be the answer. The System 16 and System 28 welding table sets come with all of the most common accessories you need to use the table to the best of your ability. Clamps, squares, stops, and bolts—it’s all packed in when you purchase for an easy setup.

In addition, we have various kits that feature a variety of items that will make your daily job tasks much easier.

Work smarter (not harder) with a Quantum Machinery welding table. These tables have everything you need to meet your welding requirements and can handle a high capacity on your busiest workdays. Find the best table for your needs by contacting us today for a quote.


Quantum Machinery Group’s Welding Table Options