Quantum Machinery Group arc meter

Understanding the Benefits of Quantum Machinery Arc Meters

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One of the most frustrating parts of metalworking is taking the precise measurements needed to make sure everything is exactly the right size. Sometimes, less than a millimeter’s difference can mean getting the job done right or having to do it all over again.

Metalworking machinery can work wonders when it comes to making metalbending and metalworking jobs easier, giving you the ability to take incredibly precise measurements that the pieces you manufacture will be exactly the right size from the first cut to the last.

In particular, Quantum Machinery Group’s line of arc meters provide users with a whole series of benefits and abilities that make them a must-have for any serious metalworker. Below, we discuss everything that sets the arc meters available through Quantum Machinery apart.

Instant Measurements

Quantum Machinery’s arc meters are high-end metalworking instruments that give users the power to get an immediate (and accurate) direct reading of the radii of any section of their current application.

Measure External and Interior Radii

One of the premier features of arc meters is that it allows users to measure both the external and interior radii within a section. Instead of taking the measurement of one radius and then determining the other through the use of a mathematical formula or looking up the information on a cross-reference chart (which opens the door for human error and the delays such errors cause), users of Quantum Machinery’s arc meters can determine the radius of both the interior and exterior of a section, giving them absolutely precise measurements without any additional work or calculation.

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Measure in Different Units

Arc meters can be used to measure in both millimeters and inches. Instead of having to switch between tools sized to different systems of measurement, arc meter users can use the same device to take the measurements they need and record them in the scale they are currently using. It’s easy to switch between measuring systems, meaning users will be able to quickly and easily take measurements for multiple applications, speeding up the time it takes to complete their projects considerably.

Duplicate Arches with Easy

Perhaps the most impressive feat Quantum Machinery’s arc meters are capable of is giving users the ability to duplicate arcs that have already been measured. Once an arc meter has been used to take the measurements of an arc, that information can be used to make as many duplicates as is necessary to complete the task at hand. Quantum Machinery’s selection of arc meters gives users the ability to measure and create metal arcs with machine precision, ensuring that their metalworking projects will succeed.

Want to learn more about how Quantum Machinery arc meters can aid in metal fabrication? Contact Quantum Machinery Group today at to speak with one of our customer service representatives or to request more information on our products, including the arc meter. If you have questions about whether an arc meter is the right tool for you, we’ll be happy to answer them!