Jay Losofsky - Tauring BS50M Roll Bender

The Tauring BS50M Roll Bender has greatly improved our metal art quality and production by radius control and repeatability in multiple pieces. The mechanical digit indicator of radius is outstanding for repeat bends, comparted to a scale on most machines. I know that when I am on the number and decimal that I am assured an accurate bend, without tedious alignment of lines on a scale. The electrical controls on this machine are conveniently mounted for easy and safe use.

Since this was a first time purchase for us of a roll. We shopped for the right machine around the Internet with little response or professional application advice. Once we contacted Quantum Machinery Group the sales engineer assisted us with the selection of the machine for our application and budget. The sales engineer was very knowledgeable of the machine and even helped us with the selection of a phase converter, since we didn’t have 3 phase power at our shop. We were able to pick up the machine at the Quantum Machinery Group Facility and received outstanding instruction to the use and maintenance of the machine. The machine was in perfect condition which is unlike other machines we have purchased with extensive shipping damage due to poor packaging.
— Jay Losofsky - Pahrump, Nevada

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