Inofab LLC - Alpha 200 Roll Bender

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”The large capacity of this machine for the footprint is incredible. Due to Tauring's shaft stiffening supports, we are able to roll larger sections with greater accuracy than we could with a traditional machine weighing far more and of a much larger footprint. Furthermore, this machine does not require a pit. Having the ability roll larger sections (up to 6 x 6 square tube)  has allowed Inofab to keep all forming processes under our own control.  This of course decreases lead times, cost and increases overall control over a project. Quantum has been extremely helpful in all aspects of customer support. From operation manuals, ability to offer training, assistance with die machining, and technical support. This is why we will always consider Quantum as a top choice for upcoming machinery acquisitions.”

- Nicholas Kaminski (Owner of Inofab LLC)