These professional welding tables are manufactured of hardened steel and additionally plasma-nitrided and coated. This premium steel is frequently used in applications with extremely high workloads. It is much harder and resilient than standard steel. Based on the increased load capacity of the welding table it is especially suited for working with heavy components. An outstanding feature is its extraordinary levelness and even surface finish, as well as its high resistance against stroke impact.

Plasma nitration represents a currently unrivaled surface hardening and tempering treatment. You should not accept anything less. The thermo-chemical procedure of plasma nitration results in more wear-free, corrosion-resistant and durable surfaces. By at least doubling the life span, plasma nitration is always beneficial! The clamping force of the bolt is substantially increased. At the same time the loadability of the table is increased by approx. 20-30 %.

These tables come with bored holes in a diagonal grid. The diagonal grid offers twice as many clamping options in this position. Take advantage of the increased flexibility for even more clamping options.